Resumé Writing


  1. Full Service - If you are just starting out, have no idea what to write, or just want a fresh start, this package is for you. It includes an in-person consultation (optional), one long-form resumé, one short-form resumé (both on our unique templates), LinkedIn profile enhancement and two edits. We take the time to go through each detail of your work history and do this in a mock interview setting. Our questions are very detailed so that we can put together the proper resumé for you to help you land the position you deserve. This package fully prepares you for your next interview, giving you the confidence employers want to see. 
  2. Resumé Package with In-Person Consultation- Choose one long or one short resumé written for you post in-person consultation. We go through the details of your position and set you up with a resumé. The consultation is run like a mock interview so you are well positioned for your next interview. . 
  3. Long and Short Resumé Package - You are given two resumés (one long, one short) to be distributed as you see fit. They are written on Resume Universal templates so you are assured quality. The interview is conducted over the phone so you are in the comfort of your home. 
  4. One Resumé - We will call you and get all the information we need. This package offers a 24 hour turnaround guarantee*. 


Resumé Editing

  1. One-Time Editing- This is designed for the person that has been in the workforce for a while and just needs an extra set of eyes on their resumé. With a guaranteed 24 hour turnaround*, this is the best option for someone who is looking to work on their own and wants a little nudge in the proper direction. 
  2. One-Time Editing with Template - This package includes one of the unique Resume Universal templates. We edit your existing resumé and put it in the template for you. This option also includes 24 hour guarantee*. 
  3. One-Time Editing with Template and In-Person Consultation - This combines the two above options and gives you the bonus of sitting with one of our Advancement Specialists so that you get even more color to your resumé. This is the recommended package because putting a face with the paper wraps everything up with a nice bow. We conduct our consultations like a mock interview so you reap the rewards of coaching and are fully prepared for your next interview.  

*Due to appointment availability, the 24 hour guarantee does not apply until the in-person consultation (or phone consultation) has been held.